In a Facial Drought?

In a Facial Drought?

Extreme changes in daily weather has an affect on our skin; whether it be increased dryness, sensitivity, redness, or even excess oil production.

Extra care is needed, especially when combating our Cellular Turnover Rate! Proper hydration is key in order to have proper functions in our skin, organs, joints, and not to mention toxin release!


Double Threat Hydration

From the Inside – have a drink

Through daily activities, the average person loses about 10-15 cups of fluid per day. This must be replaced! On average you should replenish your hydration by drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day.

TRICK: if you carry water around with you or leave on your desk, you will drink it. Dare you to try! Eating clean and incorporating Vitamin C rich drinks in the morning and dark rich greens through the afternoon is an amazing nutritional hydration boost!


From the Outside – oil (dry) & water (dehydrated)

While drinking water will help your skin over time, it will not fix your current skin conditions immediately. All of the water we consume will travel and hydrate our organs, systems and joints before ending at our skin.

Most are not aware that we lose hydration through our skin and we also produce less oil/moisture as we age. Our skin and body need both hydration and moisture to properly function.

Skin lacking hydration is considered dehydrated. Therefore, it needs water/hydration.

Skin lacking oil is considered dry. Therefore, it needs oil/moisture.

It is very important to correctly distinguish the difference between the two, as many are incorrectly diagnosed. Hence, improperly treated.

Estheticians work to provide a good balance of hydration and moisture to skin, resulting in a more youthful, well hydrated, healthy, smooth feeling.


Our Suggested Products

Increase Hydration:

  • Hydrating Cleanser
  • Collagen Stemedic Serum
  • Advanced Collagen Formula
  • Tissue Hydrating Formula
  • Perfect Skin Eye Hydration Gel


Increase Moisture & Barrier Function:

  • Silk Milk Cleanser
  • Life Duo Mature
  • Moisture B5 Serum
  • Nourish B Intensive Moisture Serum
  • Artic Cream
  • Milk Cream
  • Radiant Age Defiance Cream
  • Super Moisture Cream


Professional Hydration Treatment Protocol

  • Nourish B Intensive Moisture Serum
  • Aloe Response Mask
  • Cellular Hydration Mask
  • Soothing Peel Off Mask
  • Perfect Skin Eye Hydration Gel
  • Vitamin A/E Moisture Cream


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