How to Care for Uneven Skin Tone

How to Care for Uneven Skin Tone

What is Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is also known as hyperpigmentation or irregular darkening of the skin. The cause of uneven skin tone is due to sun exposure, pollution, hormones, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure causes uneven skin tone because of excessive melanin production to help protect our skin from the UV light. Pollution causes uneven skin tone because of the toxins that penetrate the skin resulting in little brown spots. Hormones cause uneven skin tone such as Melasma due to an increase in hormone production. This mostly occurs during pregnancy or being on birth control. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is when the skin darkens as a result of scarring from acne and post skin treatments.

How to treat Uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone can be treated with enzyme exfoliation, chemical peels or lightening agent. These treatments are effective for uneven skin tone because it removes the dead skin cells, imitate cellular regeneration and nourish the skin and brighten the skin.


7 Steps to clear uneven Skin Tone


  1.  Start with Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil!

An Oil based pre-cleanser used to remove makeup, dirt, sunscreen, and pollutants that are trapped in the pores throughout the day. Key ingredients in this products are Macadamia Oil which aids in restoring skin’s barrier function and retain water moisture. Vitamin C helps lighten the discoloration

  1.     Next, apply Purifying Glycolic Cleanser Foam!

Purifying glycolic cleanser is a gentle cleanser that is formulated to even out skin tone and promotes cellular regeneration


  1.     Let’s balance our pH level and remove any unnecessary debris with a  Toner!

Antioxidant Toner is rich with Vitamin C which reduces discoloration by removing discolored skin cells and inhibits the production of melanin. Vitamin E aids in tissue growth and nourishes the skin

  1. The best part of every skin care regimen, Serum!

C-Lester Topical Vitamin C20 Serum contains 20% Vitamin C and Palmaria Palmate Extract. The Serum Is formulated to even out skin tone and suppresses melanin production to prevent future discoloration.

  1. Next, Moisturizer !

Colorlite Plus Cream

The Colorlite Plus Cream is designed to effectively brighten and lighten the skin tone by keeping excess melanin from producing. Key Ingredients in the cream/gel are Arbutin and Licorice Root acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor to stop the overproduction of melanin


  1. Don’t forget the Eyes!

Brite Eye Cream

The Brite Eye Cream contains Arbutin and Calendula Oil lightens discoloration around the eyes and reduces puffiness.


  1. Finally, the most important step before you leave the house, Sun Protection

EGF UV Shield is an effective sunscreen that is a PowerBlend sh-oligopeptide to aid in cell growth and broad-spectrum protection of 50 SPF and PA+++. Titanium Dioxide is a whitening agent and UV Blocker to protect the skin from damage.