How to Care for Makeup Damage

How to Care for Makeup Damage

By Meme P.

Licensed Esthetician 



What is Makeup Damage? 

Women generally wear makeup without really thinking of the harm of what it may do to their skin. Wearing makeup is harmless, but for some, there may be damage due to a reaction to the ingredients which may cause contact dermatitis or acne from poor hygiene. Not removing makeup before going to bed may lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and inflammatory acne. Using dirty makeup brushes may also cause acne because the bacteria growing inside it.

What is Dermaesthetics Must Have Make-up Essentials?

The Make Essentials Kit is the perfect set for a flawless look!

1.Caviar Eye Repair Gel -Apply as a base primer for a smoother look for foundation 

2.Collagen Stemedic Serum- Add 3-4 drops right after toner to aid in plump and firm skin

3.EGF Blemish Balm- (my favorite) Not only it works as a concealer, it has EGF to aid the skin

4.. Silky Base- Not only this a nice primer, it will protect your skin throughout the entire day!

How To Remove Makeup at the end of the day!

We recommend treating by using these steps! 

  1. Start with Green Apply Premium Cleansing Oil. Apply one pump to palm and massage into skin. This will break down all the makeup. Next, you want to apply water to emulsify to a milky consistency. Remove with water. 
  2. Apply Glycolic Cleanser. It has 3% Glycolic that will wash away debris and toxin with a gently exfoliation without drying the skin. 
  3. Apply the O2 Hydra Mist toner with a gauze. Your skin with thank you! 
  4. Next, you must protect your skin with serums. Apply 3-4 drops of DNA Matrix Serum and C-Lester Vitamin C20.
  5. Finally, apply a cream of your choice! 

Here’s a tip!

Mask once a week if you feel like being extra! And use lukewarm water when rinsing or cleansing your face is ideal. This is the temperature that delivers the best skin care results!

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