How To Care for Back Acne

How To Care for Back Acne

What is Back Acne?

Back acne could be the worst for special occasions or days after beach; because we were not able to see our backs on a daily basis, we often neglect it; ‘out of sight, out of mind”. Don’t worry though; Dermaesthetics has your “Back”. To begin, the cause of back acne starts with the body producing sebum from the sebaceous gland connected to our hair follicles. When the sebum travels up the hair follicles, it adds moisture to the skin and hair but also creates excess oil that gets trapped with dirt, debris, and bacteria. Other major factors such as genetics, diet, medications, hormones, and sweat which can lead to back acne as well but can easily be remedied with these simple steps:


The Dermaesthetics  Home Treatment:

Proper self-care and consistency will increase the longevity of results from professional treatment. A professional consultation is essential to ensure the accurate selection and use of self-care products. Self-care products for Back Acne are as follows:


Step 1: Clear Complex Wash

This potent cleanser formulated for people who suffered from acne. The cleanser fights off the bacteria that are trapped inside the ores. In addition, the cleanser reduces inflammation resulting in a soft, smooth back.  


Step 2. BHA Toner

Created for people with apneic, oily or hyper-pigmentated skin conditions. The toner provides exfoliation that penetrates deeply to purify the skin resulting in healthily skin and provides exfoliation that penetrates deeply to purify the skin resulting in healthy skin and smooth texture


Step 3. Skin Balance

Formulated to balance the excessive oil production from the sebaceous (oil) glands. By controlling the oil production, acne is less likely to form on the back. Panthenol and Aloe Vera provides hydration, enhance barrier function and delivers moisture to the skin. 

Step 4. EGF UV Shield

The most important part of any skin care regimen. Not only EGF UV Shield blocks UV from further skin damage, but it also has sh-oligopeptide (EGF) to help in cell growth!

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