How to Apply Colorlite Plus Cream

How to Apply Colorlite Plus Cream

Colorlite Plus is an amazing cream for those who want to lighten dark patches and even out skin tone. It has proven itself to be effective as early as 14-28 days and within the skin’s normal cycle of 28 days. It is definitely a moisturizer for those who want to see results. This amazing cream contains Arbutin which helps block the pathways that create pigmentation. It also contains Licorice Root extract that both soothes and evens skin tone, while Panthenol helps hydrate the skin and support cell growth. 

Self-Care Steps: 

  1. Cleanse your skin with a cleanser made for your skin type.
  2. Use your appropriate toner. We recommend the O2 Hydra Mist. 
  3. Use any serums that you are applying to your skin.  For Anti-Aging, use Collagen Stemedic, EGF FGF Serum, or Nu-Stem Peptide. For Brightening, I would recommend using Colorlite Corrective Serum as a spot treatment and C-Lester Vitamin C10 on your entire face in order to help even your skin tone and protect from free radicals! 
  4. Massage 1gram of Colorlite Plus into your skin in order to moisturize and allow the cream to work deeply in the skin. Apply more if needed. 

You can use Colorlite Plus both morning and night. When you use it during the day, make sure to also use UV Shield protection. If you are looking for a kit to help you further with hyperpigmentation, I recommend looking into one of these kits.

Xoxo,  Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills