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This year has unleashed a lot of different kinds of problems. From the Coronavirus to almost all of the west coast experiencing fires, so many people are in need of help. This is why Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills (DBH) developed our own hand sanitizer. DBH is a skincare company where all of the products are produced in the USA. This helps ensure the products are professional grade and made with natural ingredients. For our hand sanitizer, it is made with pharmaceutical grade Isopropyl Alcohol in order to help kill illness causing germs. Another great aspect of our hand sanitizer is that it has some aloe in order to also help give some moisture to the skin. 

Dermaesthetics has been helping a lot of organizations through donating hand sanitizers to those in need. At first, we donated to healthcare workers when the pandemic started. Though now, one big problem that has been taking over the west coast of the USA is widespread wildfires. This not only causes ash to be in the air, but has also been displacing many people. Many crisis centers have been coming to the aid of those who have been displaced. One crisis program that has really stepped up to help at this time is Bstrong. During this time, Bstrong has been providing emergency relief to the families and communities affected by the fires across the United States. Furthermore, Bstrong has been also helping provide supplies to many of the firefighters fighting the wildfires, such as the Portland firefighters. This is why Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills has decided to partner with Bstrong and donate our 2oz hand sanitizers to help Bstrong give hand sanitizer to the firefighters that are fighting many of the current fires. We are grateful to Bstrong for allowing us to help. 


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