Green Apple Cleansing Oil

Green Apple Cleansing Oil

By Heidi Corral

The basic idea behind oil cleansing is that oil is attracted to oil. The best way to dissolve sebum/oil is to use an oil similar in composition. By doing this you can cleanse your pores of dirt, bacteria naturally, while replacing the dirty oils with beneficial ones that heal, protect, and nourish the skin while leaving it naturally balanced.

Oil cleansing creates harmony with all skin types. If you are naturally oily don’t be afraid, Our Premium Green Apple Cleanser will help rebalance your skin so there is no overproduction of oils. Naturally Dry Skin? Oil cleansing will help nourish the skin so that further product of your oils will occur. You can simply include your favorite DBH cleanser as a second cleanse to ensure all debris and excess oils are completely removed. Your skin will love the double cleanse method!

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