5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Every Day

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Every Day

You know you’re supposed to wear sunscreen, but what you may not know are all the reasons why it’s so very important.

Besides protecting you from sunburn (if your skin type does burn), why should you wear sunscreen? Here are our top five reasons:

  • Skin cancer can be prevented with the use of sunscreen. Basal cell skin cancer, squamous cell skin cancer, and melanoma are the three most frequent kinds of skin cancer. UV radiation is the most common cause of skin malignancies. Applying sunscreen every day can reduce your risk by providing consistent, appropriate protection from the sun's UV radiation.
  • Premature aging can be avoided with the use of sunscreen. Extrinsic aging (caused by chronic exposure to the sun's rays, pollution, toxins, and other environmental variables) and intrinsic aging (affected by heredity) are the two main causes of aging. UV rays cause the skin's collagen and elastin to break down prematurely, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. It also affects pigment-producing cells called melanocytes, causing an excess of melanin to be produced, resulting in hyperpigmentation. UV radiation from the sun is thought to be responsible for 90% of visible indicators of aging. You can have smooth, youthful-looking skin for years longer with the use of sunscreen on a regular basis.
  • Hyperpigmentation is less likely with the use of sunscreen. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin disorder caused by sun exposure in which your skin darkens in areas due to changes in the synthesis of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. Hyperpigmentation occurs more frequently in those with darker skin.
  • The use of sunscreen helps to keep the skin from becoming inflamed. UV rays destroy the DNA of immune-protecting cells, causing inflammation and free radical damage on the skin and throughout the body. Immune suppression reduces our body's ability to protect us from skin cancer and other ailments by reducing the ability of these cells to protect us. Because the immune system is so important in preserving the health of all of the body's tissues, having healthy skin is crucial to overall health.
  • Sunscreen helps to avoid sun sensitivity. Sunscreens are especially beneficial in reducing solar irritation in patients with sun-sensitive conditions like lupus and rosacea, where exposure to UV rays can cause skin redness and blistering, as well as a worsening of the condition.

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