3-Step Skincare Routine to Reduce Wrinkles

3-Step Skincare Routine to Reduce Wrinkles

Without a proper anti-aging skincare routine, you may be missing out on a big part of keeping your skin healthy and youthful. Try a routine specifically designed to reduce the signs of aging and prompt the skin to renew itself for your skin to appear less dull and smooth. 

There are two main causes for wrinkles forming. First, as we age, our body produces less collagen and elastin – the two proteins responsible for giving skin its strength and elasticity. Collagen makes up to 80% of the dermis, the second layer of the skin. You can see why these two proteins greatly affect our skin’s overall appearance.

The second main cause for wrinkles – vulnerability to environmental factors such as sun exposure, pollution, and damaging molecules in the air such as free radicals. Our skin is less equipped to defend and repair itself over time, in turn, losing the radiance and firmness it once had.

There’s no magic cure all when it comes to slowing the signs of aging. We recommend taking a balanced approach to keeping skin well. Eating healthy, drinking at least eight cups of water daily, and getting adequate exercise and sleep. 

You can help your skin protect and restore itself with this simple 3-step (serum, cream, sunblock) morning routine:

EGF/FGF Marvel Serum

In a clinical trial involving 27 female volunteers aged from 40 to 65, participants saw a reduction in fine lines & wrinkles by as much as 29% after 28 days. Participants agreed that the EGF/FGF Marvel Serum provides an immediate well-being effect, renders the skin smoother, firmer and more even for a younger and more rested look.

Or try the C-Lester Vitamin C20 Serum for antioxidant protection and immediate radiance.

C-Lester Vitamin C20 Serum

This is our best-seller anti-aging serum that lessens the look of dark spots while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This serum works as a natural collagen starter in order to help the skin produce more collagen and prevent wrinkles.


Advanced Collagen Formula

Helps rebuild and protect the skin's structure. This moisturizer is proven to lift and firm the skin while also encouraging skin repair and collagen production.

EGF UV Shield

Contains rh-Oligopeptide to aid in the skin's cellular metabolism and anti-aging while providing protection of SPF 50 and PA+++.

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