DX Micro Mist + Solution Yesterday

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The Yesterday Micro Mist is specifically formulated for patients looking to firm and repair their skin. While the Hydrolyzed Ceratonia siliqua seed extract aids in the repair of damaged cells by attracting repair stem cells and fibroblasts to deficient areas quickly, the Sodium PEG-7 and Olive Oil work in conjunction aid in the softening of skin, hydration and protection of dry and damaged skin, soothe cracked skin and nourish the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin to aid in the prevention of aging. Specially processed to work at .3nm-.5nm, the Micro Mist serums are focused on maximum absorption through our moisture, oil, and even makeup barriers.

Key Functions:

  • Brightening
  • Firming
  • Repairing
  • Anti-aging


4oz Solution

Skin Illuminating Hydration Mist

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great device!

I love this little device, great portability and great steam output.

Great packaging

Love the packaging that the micro mist and solution comes in!

The steamer is amazing

I love my steamer so much! It helps with any texture I have in my skin and makes it feel so smooth and hydrated.

Solution does everything

This solution does everything from brightening my skin to hydrating to softening. Love it!!

Love the solution

The Soft & Bright solution is so amazing!

Michelle Diep

A friend of mine recommend this set. She has great skin so I wanted to give it a try. I am so happy that I decided to purchase this set. I decided to keep the micro mist filled with the yesterday serum in my purse. I use it after a long day of work, when my skin feels dehydrated and needs a little pick me upper. It makes my skin feeling soft and hydrated. LOVE IT!

Linda Schaefer
Amazing firming effects

When I put this on my skin, it gives me an amazing lifting and firming effect. I used Yesterday Set and it makes my puffy cheeks look sharper and more lifted.

William Rosenbaum
Effective improvements

I got effective improvement in my skin after using Yesterday Set. My skin is brightening with the use of this product. I'm on my second order.

Michael Pittman
Anti-aging at its best

I have been using Yesterday Set for about a month and it amazingly reducing aging lines. I definitively recommend this product. I am satisfied using it - it feels great.

Terry Engle
Hydrates and soften the skin

I Bought Yesterday Set for my mum who was damaged and dry skin. After a week of using it, her face is very glowing and skin is so much more hydrated and soft. She loves it and will keep using it.