Color Correction: Sun Spots


Color Correction: Sun Spots Kit is designed to help repair the skin and discoloration (hyperpigmentation) caused by harmful sun rays. The use of natural brighteners such as Vitamin C and Arbutin even out the skin tone while also preventing future damage while other skin lighteners such as licorice root extract, ginseng root, mulberry, and witch hazel are known to correct hyperpigmentation and scarring, unveil a lighter, brighter complexion.



Purifying Glycolic Foam Cleanser 5oz

Colorlite Plus  1oz

C-Lester Topical Vitamin C20 Serum 1oz

Brite Eye Cream 0.5oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Curtis Krause
Good to fix skin discoloration

if you have the same problem as I had of discoloration. The screen is definitely for you. Go ahead and try it out.

Joyce Hayes
Good to get rid of sunspots!

If you have a lot of skin exposure to the sun. This cream is best for you. It lightens and brightnes the skin and removes dead skin cells.

Trevor Ozment
Natural brightening cream

This is really a great colour corrector, it helps me repair my damaged skin as I have A lot of body exposure to sun. Entire kit is very helpful for skin repair. It Always keeps my skin brightning.

Vernon Harris
Works good for sun damage skins.

This kti is good for skin Damaged by Sun rays. As I am a Frequent Traveller. This kit works well for the skin with excess Sun exposure.

Olinda Saylor
This kit is very important for skin care, Especially the eye cream.

I just wanna tell you this bright eye cream is awesome! It enhances your appearance and removes Dark circles around the lower and upper region of the eyes.

Lynn Miller
Awesome Skin spot cleanser!

Do you want to get rid of skin spots like me? This colour correction kit is the best. I recommend try it out. You will see the difference yourself

Cleo Johnson
Repaired my skin pigmentations naturally

You won't believe, how it has made my skin beautiful ! It worked wonders for me. Its a great colour corrector and concealer.

Teresa Alexander
It made my skin flawless!

It’s rich natural formula has made my skin flawless, no more I don't have any sort of dark circles and other skin spots, in spots in fact it has tones up my skin gradually.

Paulina Scott
Natural skin brightener

This cream is made up of natural items, Ithas Brighten my skin. after usage of the screen I got rid of in darkness, Sunburn and other skin spots.

Donald Drennan
The best cream for sun spots removal

Best cream is good for colour correction, dark skin spot removal, Sde effects of sun rays on skin.This cream is very suiteable for dark areas of skin and nails.