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RX Mist


As a key element to any post-peel treatment, RX-Mist is a soothing gel based spritz toner Powerblended to initiate healing and cellular regeneration after invasive peels. Made with nature's critical healing ingredients, RX-Mist immediately relieves tight, dry, and irritated skin that is commonly experienced post-peel. The benefits of Sea Mineral Salt, Physalis Angulata Extract, Carob Fruit Extract and Aloe Vera immediately deliver hydration and relief without hindering the critical peeling process.

Key Functions:

  • Soothing
  • Healing
How it works: Sea Mineral Salt helps to alleviate dry and damaged areas. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Extract provide nourishment and maintain moisture barriers.

Skin Types:
  • All
Directions for use: Spritz as many times as desired throughout the day or night to provide relief from tightness, dryness, and irritation after invasive exfoliating treatments to promote healing.

Key Ingredients:
  • Sea Mineral Salt
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
Size: 6 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great for Everything

I Put them RX Mist on my face and body. Love the smell. Highly impressed with the product. This product is great for everthing.

Make sure close your eyes while using this

For dry weather is great you bring that anywhere and used it for care for your skin and skin problems. I am Highly impressed with the product.

Nothing to complaint about

It is very soothing and has a pleasant smell. Your excellent product leaves nothing to complaint about. It relieves immediately delivers hydration and relief without hindering the critical process.

Nice Smell

It's fresh, and so nice to have with you during the day, I use it now in the winter all the time and it hydration and relief, the smell is very nice and not too strong, I will be buying again and again.

Perfect for any Season

Very light, should be perfect for both summer and winters. Pleasant smell and leaves a shining on the face. It is nice, it keeps my skin soothing and healing.