Colorlite Plus Corrective Serum

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Featuring a high concentration of Licorice Root, the Colorlite Corrective Serum is formulated to lighten dark spots and discoloration for a more beautiful radiant skin tone. This formula clears pigmentation after acne breakouts, and uneven skin tone from sun exposure and aging. This serum's benefits are enhanced when used in the morning and evening and combined with Dermaesthetics' Colorlite Plus Cream or Gel.


Ideal For: All Skin Types


Key Benefits: Brightening, Preventing, Renewing


Size: 1oz

Key Ingredients: Arbutin, Licorice Root Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Lactic Acid--(AHA), Palmaria Palmata, Agaricus Bisporus (Mushroom) Extract, Glutathione

After cleansing and toning, apply 3-4 drops to the entire face and neck twice daily for maximum results. Complete with appropriate DBH moisturizer. Follow with EGF UV Shield SPF product in the daytime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Just what I needed

A great product for my dry skin. It has made it soft, smooth, and bright. I use this twice a day and have been using it for 4 months now. Excellent!

Helen Meyer
Absolutely amazing product

A great product overall! It made my skin look brighter and smoother. It feels good after use. I will definitely order again.

I am very pleased

I have been using this for almost 6 months now. And it’s a great serum

Gwen Mark
Top product

I am very pleased with the results. My skin has improved a lot after its use. Good product!

Stephanie Rouhana
Simply amazing

I am not even using it everyday ! My face breaks out a lot i have sun burn dark spots! I have been depressed cause of this ! I am so happy with the purchase ! Baby face again

ji kim
it works !!!

I have been using for exactly 13 days and I see a lighting of my hormonal /sun spots on my cheeks ..I have tried many products before and I never saw much difference... hopefully I will be posting a new review telling that all my dark spots have disappeared .. . in some months from now!

Haven't seen it work

This is my second bottle and I have not notice much change with my Melasma .

Mildred White
Anti-aging Serum

It has helped me in getting rid of the fine lines and wrinkles. It is such an amazing product for removing aging effects.

Louise Smith
highly recommended

This bottle of serum is highly recommended to people with acne-prone skin. It removes the acne spots and lightens the dark spots.

Vernell Williams
must try

My mom has very dull and saggy skin due to aging. She has been using this thing since two months and has found changes on her face.