O2 Hydra Mist

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The O2 Mist is a calming spray mist made to maximize oxygen circulation and allow the skin to breathe easier. With natural ingredients such as Witch Hazel, Mineral Concentrate, and Aloe Vera, the O2 Mist invigorates the skin while creating a protective barrier against further environmental assault caused by temperature extremes, pollution, irritating cosmetic products, harsh detergents, chemical exposure, stress, or hormonal factors.  Allantoin and Panthenol also allow for rapid healing and moisturizing. Together, the O2 mist is an excellent moisturizing and antioxidant toner that can be used daily or post peel.


Ideal For: All Skin Types


Key Benefits: Hydrating, Protecting


Size: 6oz

Key Ingredients:


Perfluorodecalin, Sodium Ascorbyl, Aloe Barbadensis, Allantoin

Recommended to use after cleansing, self-care exfoliation or mask application. Use prior to applying serum and moisturizer. Make sure the skin is dry.


Spray Method: Apply a fine mist over the face and neck prior to application of moisturizer and makeup.


Cotton Round Method: Best used after cleansing. Saturate a cotton round with toner and gently wipe the face and neck to remove any residue of cleanser or mask.


Follow with appropriate DBH serum and moisturizer

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Monica Wolfe
must have product

I have ordered it after reading all the reviews. I am very satisfied with the product.

Wesley Lassiter
good product

It's totally value for money

Robert Lisk
The best spray in the market

It is probably the least greasy skin product I have used. Gives a beautiful glow after using this product that lasts 3-4 hours. It's now a part of my staples

Michael Gerst
amazing product

Guys just go for it. It showed results in just a week of consistent application. Used it only once but it gave a nice glow to my skin.

Barbara Martinez
Miraculous effect!!!

This product deserves five stars because it's improved my skin texture. Thanks

Deborah Jackson
fabulous product

I have been using this product for approx one and a half month and it has made my skin so good.

Velma Mitchell
highly recommended spray

I have been using this product for three months and now my skin never felt this good. It makes ur skin glowy and also a lot softer

Josefina Carter
Extraordinary spray

it is also really good.worth every penny.Thanks Dermaestheticsusa

Penny Goldblatt
love it

Recently bought this product and it's just amazing. I have oily skin and its just working like magic on my face.

Virginia McConnell
I can see visible changes so soon!

I'm not a very cosmetic kind of person, but I recently purchased my first spray. I have to say is it's really working well on my acne prone, sensitive, very oily skin