Mild Acne And Problem Skin Set


Mild Acne and Problem Skin:

The Mild Acne and Problem Skin Kit is created to help the body balance oil production and is made for those who are seeking to prevent acne-causing bacteria from growing while delivering hydration for a refreshed and clear complexion.


Clear Complex PM Purity Gel 1oz
Clear Complex Sulfur Mask 1oz
Purifying Glycolic Cleanser Foam 5oz
Salix Toner 6oz
Skin Balance Cream 1oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Betheney Caitlin
Affordable and Light Weighted

This product is suggested by my friend, it is smooth, affordable and light weighted. This Clear Complex PM Purity Gel is very beneficial for those who have sensitive skin.

Elina Thosn
Nice Skin Balance Cream

My skin is very sensitive and when I go outside my skin become dusty which may cause skin problem, but after using this skin problem product I feel good result. I love DBH products.

Jessi Bella
Clear Complexion Skin Care Product

After trying numerous skin problems set product, I find DBH mild Acne skin problem product to be the best I have ever experienced. It Prevent my skin and delivering hydration for a refreshed and clear complexion.

Kimberly Wallace
Perfect Product for Skin Problem

I like Mild Acne skin problem set very much because this product makes my skin smooth and soft in 15 minutes after using this product. This product is a light weighted and best.

Alicia Yoon
Unbeatable Product

Mild Acne skin problem set is a great product, they prevent acne causing bacteria from growing, while delivering hydration for a refreshed and clear complexion.

Jessica Chou
Mild Acne Skin Care Product

I daily use mild acne skin care product at night after washes my face and I feel fresh and clear complexion. This product is such an amazing product.

Erika Stalder
Amazing Product For Skin Care

Thanks DBH for providing me Mild Acne skin problem product, all products are best for a clear complexion in this Mild Acne skin care product.

Sheryl Luke
Reasonable and Affordable Product

I really love to enjoy while using this Mild Acne skin care product. This product is very beneficial for delivering hydration for a refresher.

Mavala loriyal
Best Skin Care Product

Mild Acne is a one time purchasing product, The Mild Acne is a combo product and they have a combination of skin care product. I really like this product.

Lori Addison
Great Product

I purchased Mild Acne and Problem Skin product several months ago by DBH and I wanted to be sure about it before I reviewed it. These products maintain my body balance for oil product.