Colorlite Plus



The Colorlite Plus is Dermaesthetics' signature lightening and brightening cream. Enhanced with Arbutin and Dermaesthetics' exclusive Whitening Plus PowerBlend Formula, Colorlite's effectiveness can be seen as quickly as 14 days and within the normal skin cycle of approximately 28 days. Containing several tyrosinase inhibitors, the Colorlite Plus is formulated to aid in the prevention of excess melanin production. As the heart of the Color Correction System, Colorlite Plus unveils a clear and even-toned complexion.

Key Functions: Brightening, Firming, Protecting, Preventing

Size: 1oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Chrissy Harper
Five-star product for sure!

I got melasma around my upper lip while I was pregnant. It has reduced my melasma to a great extent. The area around my lips has brightened up greatly and my skin moisturized all the time. It’s an amazing cream and I would recommend everyone to try this out.

Pretty impressed

Thus stuff has significantly lightened my skin. My face looks hydrated and amazing. I am impressed and will purchase this again.

Wendy Hill
Lighten my skin tone

This skin-lightening product does what it says. As a result, my face is hydrated, brighter, and more evenly toned. I love how my skin looks and feels.

It works

DBH Colorlite Plus is an awesome product. It goes on very nicely. Once applied it leaves behind soft and smooth skin. It’s been 2 weeks only and I can my skin complexion lighten. I recommend this product to all the women out there.

Daisy Sutton
Good for daily use

A must-have product in your daily skincare regimen. It keeps my skin deeply moisturized and smooth. It has a skin-lightening effect on my skin. Great results!