V-Band Non Surgical Lifting & Anti-Aging Treatment (5 Set Skin Renewal Kit)

Fight back against skin dryness, facial line disturbance, square jaw, eye and mouth wrinkles.

The V-Band is a revolutionary treatment to instantly lift and firm the skin. Snail Peptides and Protein bind with the skin and create a firming and lifting process that can be seen and felt within minutes. More importantly, as the treatments sets in, the ingredients of alpha hexylpeptide-8, also known at the "botox" peptide, and snail peptides are delivered deep into the surface of the skin for restoration and rejuvenation. Recommended as a 10 day treatment (used every 2 days), the V-Band is sure to impress. This product is endorsed and advocated by dermatologists and skincare experts around the world.

Kit Includes:

(5) V-Band Non Surgical Lifting & Anti-Aging Treatment Activator

(5) V-Band Non Surgical Lifting & Anti-Aging Treatment Powder 

(1) Professional Silicone Brush Applicator

(1) V-Band Lifting Mask for Day & Night Use


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Good Smell Product

The Anti Aging product is good for reduction wrinkle around my eyes and mouth, it is a light weight and good smell product.

Pure Ingredients of Alpha Hexylpeptide-8

Great product! I used this Set Skin Renewal Kit every day or night and feel love as the way I feel at morning. No Skin dryness, no facial line disturbance, no eye and mouth wrinkles.

V-Band Lifting Mask Product

I used this product during the day or night and I personally recommend you use this 5 set skin renewal kit at least 10 days, after some days you guys become fan a of these product.

Skin Treatments Sets

I have used these 5 Set Skin Renewal Kit since at the age of 18 and now I am 30 plus. You guys can’t believe it what I notice one day, my skin remains same, no wrinkle on my face and around my eyes. Works great!

5 Set Skin Renewal Kit

I am in love with this 5 Set Skin Renewal Kit cream! If your skin is tight and dry, I personally recommend you this 5 Set is best for you! Also helping with the wrinkles and makes my skin feel baby soft!