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By Carissa St. Jones

Tis the season of pool parties, outdoor activities, and beach days – yay! Sunshine will most likely be the center of these events, so protecting and repairing your skin is essential. There are a number of advanced skincare products to prep and treat your skin, post-sun exposure, so you’ll want to enhance your skincare arsenal for that added protection. There is no better way to treat your face to some extra love than boosting your regimen with alllll of the Epidermal Growth Factors, AKA, EGFs.


Epidermal Growth Factor is a polypeptide consisting of up to 53 amino acids. Amino Acids are building blocks of proteins. Those proteins are called peptides, which means an EGF contains multiple chains of amino acids/peptides. The benefits of skincare products containing EGFs, is stimulation of skin growth at the cellular level with increased collagen and elastin production


Skincare products containing Epidermal Growth Factors provide optimal healing qualities, as they were originally developed to treat burn wounds. Anytime your skins health is compromised, layer on the EGFs and watch the magic happen! To simplify your summer regimen, we’ve created a kit with some of our favorite products to protect and repair that sun-loving face.


Evenly Bronzed Summer Kit

  • Natural Jojoba Cleansing Bead Scrub6oz  > Naturally dissolving jojoba oil beads exfoliate skin removing excess oil, dirt, sunscreen, waterproof make-up, and build up during the day. Gently sloughs away flakiness, and aids in repairing and moisture control.

  • Perfect Skin Wash6oz  > A  MUST HAVE made with Natural Extracts for a pure wash.  Boosted with natural antioxidants of Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, and Grapefruit 

  • EGFUV Shield 2oz  > Effective sunblock PowerBlended with sh-oligopeptide (EGF) to aid in the skin’s cellular regeneration while providing broad spectrum protection of SPF 50 and PA+++. Titanium Dioxide, Alkyl Benzoate, EGF.

  • EGF Cream1oz  > Aids in cellular regeneration for Collagen and Elastin restoration. A PowerBlend of sh-Oligopeptide 1, peptides, and amino acids, NEW GROWTH AND REPAIRED DAMAGE!


In addition to the above kit, we will discuss the remainder of our EGF products in our next blog. The key to maintaining healthy skin while enjoying your summer is to truly focus on protecting and repairing that pretty face. You’ll also want to ensure you’re staying on course with your Aesthetician, as you can obtain more information on what an Epidermal Growth Factor can do for your skin. Remember, great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment!